Route 147 - the cheapest, greenest bus in town!

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Route 147: the cheapest, greenest, quietest bus in town

It’s a bold statement but also a factual one. Here’s why…

Route 147 is a low emission, hybrid electric bus service and so produces 35% less carbon dioxide emissions than a standard-sized diesel engine.

Made by Volvo, Route 147 hybrid electric buses have a smaller diesel engine than normal, plus an electric engine powering the bus independently or jointly. When the bus brakes, the brake energy is utilised and stored in a battery, which then drives the electric engine when the bus accelerates again.

It’s greener yes. But it’s also quieter as a major advantage of this hybrid electric technology is that the engine switches off automatically when the bus stops.  The bus restarts only with the help of the electric engine, with the diesel engine not kicking in until the bus reaches 15 miles an hour. So at traffic lights, junctions and bus stops the bus is quieter and exhaust free. Regular driver training ensures customer comfort is optimised and CO2 savings are maximised.

The Route 147 electric hybrids are owned and operated by Cheadle-based Bullocks who won the tender in 2005 and have continued to run the service ever since. Bullocks is a family run company, operating for more than 75 years and one that prides itself on providing quality service, friendly drivers and modern, comfortable bus travel.

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